High Performance Graphics 2023

High-Performance Graphics (HPG) is the leading international forum for performance-oriented graphics and imaging systems research, including innovative algorithms, efficient implementations, languages, compilers, parallelism, and hardware architectures for high-performance graphics. The conference brings together researchers, engineers, and architects to discuss the complex interactions of parallel and custom hardware, novel programming models, and efficient algorithms in the design of systems for current and future graphics and visual computing applications.

HPG2023 was held Jun 26-28 in Delft, Netherlands, co-hosted with the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering Techniques (which was held from Jun 28-30, and shared a keynote with HPG). Most sessions were streamed online and are now available on YouTube.

We hope you enjoyed HPG 2023, and look forward to seeing you at HPG 2024, co-located with SIGGRAPH in Denver*!

*SIGGRAPH 2024 will be held on Sunday July 28th – Thursday August 1st; we anticipate HPG being held on the Friday – Sunday immediately before SIGGRAPH, but please wait for an announcement on highperformancegraphics.org before booking flights!

HPG’s full day video streams are available:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Links to videos for individual talks are on the Program page.

We’d be very grateful, if you either attended or were considering attending HPG 2023, if you would fill out our survey. If you were there, we’d like to know how to make the conference better; if you weren’t, we’d like to know how to help you attend in the future.

Cornell Box update

For those who signed up for premium registration at HPG 2022 (and apologies to everyone else):

Thank you to everyone who collected their 2022 conference gift Cornell Boxes in person in Delft. Our remaining stock of boxes have now been taped, painted, peeled, sanded and bagged, and Andrew would very much like to be rid of them. Due to a little excess generosity with “spares” in Delft, we might now be a few short of the total number that people were owed. That said, we have over 150 still to distribute, so we’d like to get as many as possible to their correct owners. We suspect we’ll have lost contact with a few people, so hopefully everyone who’s still expecting one will get one. Otherwies, first come, first served.

Andrew will be at SIGGRAPH 2023, with as many boxes as he can reasonably carry. He expects to be in a corner of the Attendee Lounge (unless this page is updated to indicate he’s been moved on) from about 5pm to 8pm on Saturday, and from roughly 1-2pm every other day (with a bit of wiggle room depending on the adjacent sessions); he can do other arrangements if you reach out via the below email addresses. If you are still due a Cornell Box and will be at SIGGRAPH, and could collect from him at your earliest convenience during the conference, he would be extremely grateful. Individual boxes aren’t heavy, but fifty of them are, and trying to post them (or, please no, take any back to the UK) is painful.

It would also be very helpful if you could drop an email to publicity@highperformancegraphics.org to say one of:

Please include an up-to-date physical address for the first two (unless you’re very confident of collecting before the supply at SIGGRAPH runs out). Unless you already recently sent this information in response to a previous email, we can only send them where we know they’re wanted — if you don’t send a current address, we won’t send you a box.

If you tell Andrew you want a box at SIGGRAPH, he’ll make sure one is held for you — although any unclaimed by Thursday lunchtime will probably be fair game. Having some idea of the number being collected would help him work out how much money to spend on excess baggage, so any prompt replies would be amazingly helpful. He’s less likely to run out if you tell him you’re going to collect one, but really doesn’t want to turn up and find nobody collects any. And if everyone does respond, you’re more likely to get one posted to you if you reply quickly!

If you already have your Cornell Box, don’t worry, we should already have track of you. (Logistically. There isn’t surveillance technology in the boxes. Honest.)

Wolfgang Straßer Best Paper Award

🥇 First place
Real-Time Rendering of Glinty Appearance using Distributed Binomial Laws on Anisotropic Grids
— Thomas Deliot, Laurent Belcour
🥈 Second place
Sampling Visible GGX Normals with Spherical Caps
— Jonathan Dupuy, Anis Benyoub
🥉 Third place
Edge-Friend: Fast and Deterministic Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
— Bastian Kuth, Max Oberberger, Matthäus Chajdas, Quirin Meyer

2013 Test of Time Award

🥇 First place
Fast Parallel Construction of High-Quality Bounding Volume Hierarchies
— Tero Karras, Timo Aila
🥈 Second place
Megakernels Considered Harmful: Wavefront Path Tracing on GPUs
— Samuli Laine, Tero Karras, Timo Aila
🥉 Third place
SGRT: A Mobile GPU Architecture for Real-Time Ray Tracing
— Won-Jong Lee, Youngsam Shin, Jaedon Lee, Jin-Woo Kim, Jae-Ho Nah, Seokyoon Jung, Shihwa Lee, Hyun-Sang Park, Tack-Don Han

One more thing. Andrew has been mass-producing Cornell Boxes (the HPG2022 conference gift, which has, obviously, turned out to be very time-consuming to manufacture), and handed out many at this year’s HPG. More will be brought to SIGGRAPH, and even more will be posted out, probably at Andrew’s personal cost, which is why he’s been trying to hand them out in person. Please reach out to publicity@highperformancegraphics.org if you expect to collect one at SIGGRAPH, or if you need one posted. We still intend to get them to all HPG2022 attendees who wanted them.